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Safeguard against privacy invasions & improve cyber safety of all your connected devices

d.moat defends like a firewall, protects like an antivirus, and is smart enough to shield against emerging cyber threats. d.moat protects all Internet connected devices in your home – including smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and home appliances.

With d.moat get comprehensive firewall protection, & updates against emerging threats without any monthly fees.

d.moat Network Monitoring & Control

dmoat monitors who is connected. Identify all connected devices on your home network with dmoat

Know who is connected

Identify vulnerable devices on your network.

Find out when your devices are active and where they are sending data.

Know which devices are using the most data and slowing down your WiFI.

d.maot identifies all vulnerable devices on your home network. With d.moat enterprise grade cyber protection is now possible for the smart homes. Highly affordable continuous protection withour any subscription fees.

Spot threats

Find out misconfigured devices that are using default passwords.

Continuous protection for everything that is connected to your network.

Enterprise grade cyber protection with machine learning and device behavioral analysis.

dmoat helps you safeguard your loved ones and children no matter what they are up to online

Peace of mind

Take control with easy to use network usage policy.

Protect your loved ones and children no matter what they are up to online.

Receive alerts and notifications of threat blocking and network activity via mobile apps.

Secure Risky Open Ports with d.moat - Effortlessly Secure your Home Network


I bought this device and installed in on my home network to protect my family from cyber threats. The installation was pretty simple. Just plug into electrical outlet, and into your router, and install the app on your phone. Within about an hour, it found 2 devices in my home that were trying to contact malicious external IP addresses. These devices were 2 L***sys webcams that I used to keep an eye on my 2 little kids when I'm outside the house. I can't even imagine what video/pics are floating out there because these webcams were hacked. Thanks for dmoat, I've been able to unplug these from the internet, and close the ports on my router


I've had this product for over 6 months and it's great. I have over 50 devices on my network with about 20% being "smart home" devices. As I'm sure you're aware (why else would you be looking at the d.moat?), many "smart home"/IoT devices aren't built with security in mind nor are they patched with the frequency that today's threats demand. My d.moat gives me the peace of mind that my network is still protected despite the lack of a security mindset from the manufacturers. 


This cyber security system was so easy to install you literally just plug it in to your router and it starts right up and pairs with an app on your phone. It was interesting to see how many devices were connected to my home wifi. I am just beginning to understand how much this device is capable of and the alerts come directly to your phone. I recommend this device to those who want extra protection on their wifi network.

Emily G

Enhance your home network security

Connected gadgets add convenience to your life, but convenience comes with a price. Smart devices (IP cameras, doorbells, thermostats, routers, smart TVs, printers) can be exploited to cause loss of privacy, identity theft, and even financial loss. d.moat protects you against these privacy invasions and cyber threats.

d.moat empowers you with privacy controls

Tech innovations for parents | Powerful Parental Controls

Raising a digitally native generation has its challenges. d.moat privacy defense provides protection against cyber-threats targeted at children. Simple to use parental controls puts parents in charge of what kids can access online and how much time they spend online. d.moat enables you to restrict access to objectionable sites, enjoyable family time without distractions from devices, giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected against cyber threats.

dmoat parental controls

For real-time support and questions about d.moat operations, registered users can use the instant support feature in the mobile app to chat directly with the engineers. If you would like to email us a question, you can send it to:

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